Meet Jerry

Jerry Demings has over 37 years of competent, drama-free leadership as a public servant in Orange County. According to Orlando Magazine, he has ranked in the top 10 of the most influential persons in government within the region for the last several years. Jerry is committed to smart growth, sustaining livable neighborhoods, business and job growth and forming partnerships to improve our education system. You can count on him to work with the community in developing solutions to social problems and other concerns like traffic congestion.

Mayor Glenda Hood appointed Jerry Demings as Orlando Police Chief in 1998 due to his outstanding leadership and commitment to our community. As Orlando’s first African American Police Chief he was able to reduce crime and decentralize the agency by opening sub-stations in our community. He was the first to deploy computers in police vehicles in the Central Florida region. He is highly regarded as an innovator and visionary and he will bring that kind of leadership to the Mayor’s Office.

After retiring from the City of Orlando with 21 years of service, he was appointed by County Mayor Rich Crotty as Deputy County Administrator and Public Safety Director. He played a pivotal leadership role in the response to the 2004 and 2005 hurricanes. In addition, he served as Interim Orange County Jail Director for seven months. He was part of the mayor’s senior leadership team responsible for managing all county operations until January 2008. He was instrumental in the $100 million plus jail expansion, served on the Jail Oversight Commission, oversaw the opening of new fire stations and implementation of the countywide Integrated Criminal Justice Information System.

He ran for Orange County Sheriff to continue his service to Central Florida and pledged to do what he did as the Orlando Police Chief…reduce crime and make our neighborhoods safer. Jerry was elected the first African American Orange County Sheriff and Constitutional Officer in 2008. Under Jerry’s leadership, Orange County has seen a 34% reduction in violent crime and 30% reduction in overall crime. The downward trend continues in 2018.

He has taken the fight to Washington and Tallahassee to secure funding for counter-terrorism efforts and is highly regarded as a law enforcement leader around the country. He was successful in securing the largest pay increases ever received by Orange County deputies. Today, when a deputy answers a call they do so with new computers, body worn cameras and GPS devices to improve response times.

Sheriff Demings has targeted high crime areas with the establishment of new substations in both residential and tourist areas. He has been an innovator in 21st Century policing and started programs like Tourist Oriented Policing and Problem Oriented Policing units centered on proactive policing throughout Orange County. You can count on Jerry Demings to lead in good times and in bad times. He was instrumental in providing leadership during and after the Pulse Nightclub tragedy of 2016. His leadership was evident during the events of the Casey Anthony prosecution and the events of September 11, 2001 when he was Orlando Police Chief.

Jerry Demings is a fiscal conservative and believes in efficient government. Due to his fiscal management, over $12 million have been returned to taxpayers over the last nine years. Taxpayers can count on him to be fiscally responsible as Mayor and chief executive for Orange County.



As sheriff, Jerry oversaw a 22% reduction in crime in Orange County from 2008–2016.


As Public Safety Director, Jerry played a pivotal role in Orange County’s hurricane response.


Thanks to Jerry’s fiscal management, Orange County saved over 10 million dollars over the last eight years.